Welcome to Coho Fishing Tackle

Located at CT Hub at Kallang, Coho Fishing Tackle has been outfitting fly-fishermen from around the world and we pride ourselves as the only dedicated fly-fishing shop-haven in Singapore.

The adoption of the name Coho is not without thought as it is an anadromous specie of the Salmonidae family renowned for their tenacious character and intelligence; earning them nobility – traits which we identify with our local fly-fishing folks.

To many of our regular visitors we don’t just outfit them as we are known to be more akin to being a club. So the next time you’re around the neighbourhood do drop in, share your tales (however far fetched they may sound) and allow us to extend to you our hospitality as you browse. We are also the authorised dealer for many leading brands including a wide array of rods, reels, tying materials and tools, apparel and an assortment of accessories. Our amiable and experienced staff will be on hand to assist you should you require them. Alternatively you could drop us an email and we will attend to your queries promptly. We welcome trade enquiries, too.

Come visit us today!

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